Cable Bay view, New Year's

Good Things

By Elizabeth A. Gould | January 17, 2024

Summer has arrived in Aotearoa! I did a little roadie on the South Island over the Christmas holidays, which filled my heart with hope and joy. May these images of “good things” inspire you as…

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Staying Afloat

By Elizabeth A. Gould | December 5, 2023

Everywhere I turn, it seems that people are talking about building resilience and developing self-care strategies; it makes sense given the chaotic and heartbreaking times we’re living in. Yet, a big question for me is…

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Well of Truth Newsletter November 2022

By Elizabeth A. Gould | November 8, 2022

Hello November, my favorite month of the year! I relish this time of honoring the ancestors, celebrating my Scorpio (and Sagittarius) kindred, and giving thanks over a shared meal with friends and family.  Since “The…

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On Menopause

By Elizabeth A. Gould | June 8, 2022

So many women I’ve talked to see menopause as an ending. But I’ve discovered this is your moment to reinvent yourself after years of focusing on the needs of everyone else. It’s your opportunity to…

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What stories would we tell if we knew we were stardust?

By Elizabeth A. Gould | June 7, 2022

I offer The Well of Truth as an invitation to you, dear reader, to reimagine the enduring stories of your life through a mythic lens. Join me on this brave adventure, where you might recognize yourself or…

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