Well of Truth Newsletter November 2022


Well of Truth Newsletter November 2022

Hello November, my favorite month of the year!

I relish this time of honoring the ancestors, celebrating my Scorpio (and Sagittarius) kindred, and giving thanks over a shared meal with friends and family. 

Since “The Well of Truth” was published five months ago, my life has been filled with joy, relief, and astonishment! Book launches, connecting with friends old and new, meeting other writers, and guest blogging have kept me thoroughly entertained. Most of all, I have loved receiving heartfelt comments and positive reviews from readers who have resonated with the book. I feel blessed beyond measure. 

Lately, my thoughts have turned toward other writing projects. I’m taking advantage of National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) – yet another reason to love the month of November- to help me get new ideas out of my head and onto paper. And, of course, I continue to read voraciously, especially books that are on topics close to my heart, such as the Sacred Feminine and the moon! These three books, all published in 2022, are currently on my bedside table. And they are fabulous!

Roar like A Goddess: Every Woman’s Guide to Becoming Unapologetically Powerful, Prosperous, and Peaceful by Acharya Shunya. 

This book illustrates what empowered womanhood can look like when we tap into the timeless wisdom that ancient India’s primary goddess archetypes provide. Acharya’s voice is strong and clear as she presents practical and accessible ways to invoke this divine energy in our daily lives.

Drawing on her Vedic roots, Acharya skillfully weaves ancient and contemporary stories together to encourage women to wake up and reclaim our most authentic selves. When women remember and awaken to our spiritual power, the reverberations of our collective voice can indeed change the world!

Home to Her: Walking the Transformative Path of the Sacred Feminine by Liz Childs Kelly.

I know that you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but the image on the front of this book is absolutely breathtaking, hinting at the rich and vibrant treasury of ideas hidden inside.

Liz Kelly offers us a deep dive into the multifaceted history of the Sacred Feminine lineage.

Embroidered with colorful anecdotes and personal stories, Home to Her is a compelling and engaging read that celebrates the many gifts available to us through the resurgence of the Feminine way. 

Wawata: Moon Dreaming: Daily Wisdom Guided by Hine, the Māori Moon by Dr. Hinemoa Elder 

This gorgeous book explores how cultivating a relationship with Hina, Māori goddess of the moon, can help us better understand the tides of our emotional lives. Dr. Elder explains that over the thirty day period of a monthly cycle, the moon offers us thirty different faces, each one representing a specific aspect of our spiraling life journey.

We are faced with recurring lessons, waxing and waning energies, deepening and more nuanced understanding of inner and outer experiences. Through moon observation and dreaming, we can access a stronger sense of self awareness that can make us more resilient to the pain and suffering of life. 

I am sending my best wishes to you as we navigate the changing season.

Aroha nui,